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The Advancement Office is responsible for fundraising, public relations and alumni relations for St. Joseph High School, providing programs and events that connect members of the school community to the school and to each other.

The Advancement Office produces The Flyer, a monthly on-line newsletter for students and parents, and the St. Joseph Magazine, a magazine for alumni and friends of St. Joseph High School. The advancement staff also serves as the official liaison between the school and the news media.

The Flyer Fund Campaign and the Jubilee Auction are coordinated by the Advancement Office as well. The Advancement Office is responsible for all other major fundraising activities and grant writing as these activities provide vital operating funds for the school and scholarship support for the students.

In addition, the Advancement Office plans and coordinates dedication ceremonies, receptions, award presentations, alumni reunions, campus tours, open house, and other special events throughout the year.

For more information, please contact:
St. Joseph High School Office of Advancement