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Helpful Sites to Assist with Academics

Khan Academy

  • For Free. For Everyone. Forever. Includes log-ins for learners, parents, and teachers. 
  • Practices, instructional videos, content created by experts and resources for every subject and level, even Test Prep.
  • Partnered with institutions like NASA, Museum of Modern Art, MIT, and more. 


Cliff Notes

  • Student study guides written by educators as companions to aid in understanding literature. 


  • Digital publishing company with free learning guides, test prep, etc. that has a teen friendly, approachable style
  • Companion to the Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary Workshop offering practice tests in similar formats to each unit.


  • esource to help students understand books with guides containing summaries and analysis.


  • Bullet list style summaries of plot points and color-coded side by side analysis of literature.

Sadlier Connect

  • Link to student resources at the bottom right. Students will find free practice tests, notecards, and memory games to aid in study for vocabulary unit tests.



  • Comprehensive notes from many high school textbooks containing notes, outlines, practice quizzes, timelines and more.
  • Goal is to improve understanding not a free copy to plagiarize!



  • Similar aid to coursenotes, but for math texts. Again, not a free copy to plagiarize!



  • Aids with translation, dictionary, verb conjugation, interactive flashcards.


Crash Course Channel on YouTube

  • A helpful site under the recommendation of Mr.Schott is “Crash Course.” Found on the YouTube Channel it has many playlists for study skills, biology, chemistry, etc. 


Information on Sleep