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At St. Joseph High School, students have the opportunity to use the latest technology.  St. Joseph has been the recipient of several technology grants throughout the last 20 years. These grants have enabled St. Joseph High School to remain on the leading edge of technology instruction.

The high school has 148 iMac computers, 30+ iPads, 60+ Chromebooks, the latest software, laser printers, and mobile devices spread over the campus in 4 Labs and 40 classrooms and offices. All computers on campus are connected together with high-speed LAN and WiFi based networks and a high speed connection to the Internet.  

Every classroom has a state of the art teacher multimedia/presentation system which includes an iMac computer, audio video equipment, high-def interactive projection system with whiteboard and an Elmo digital camera.  STJ has a variety of networked Laser Printers and Peripherals throughout the campus designed to fulfill the needs of each specific area.

Technology Features
4K and HiFi Video and Audio Recording Equipment
Google Workspace
Cloud Computing
Mobile Computing
Microsoft 365
Walsworth Desktop Publishing Suite
RenWeb Classroom Management Software
Schoology Learning Management System