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Faculty Member
Mrs. Julie Carson

Art I 
1 Credit ~ 2 Semesters ~ Prerequisites: None
In Art 1, there will be a healthy mixture of drawing, painting, ceramics, mixed media, photography, along with some art history and learning of techniques. Any student is welcome and encouraged to take Art 1.

Advanced Art
1 Credit ~ 2 Semesters ~ Prerequisites: Art I
This class will do all of the above types of art, but will have more freedom of decision making. This class is for the serious student that is interested and wanting to learn more intently about all things art, or a specific medium of art. This class will be graded harder than Art 1, but is very rewarding and very fun too.

Art History
1 Credit ~ 2 Semesters ~ Prerequisites: None
Students will examine works of art from diverse cultures and the relationships among those works, and develop an understanding of global artistic traditions. Students will expand their knowledge of history, geography, politics, religion, languages, and literature as they explore the story of people as told through the art they created.

1 Credit ~ 2 Semesters ~ Prerequisites: Art I and Advanced Art
Students will explore and experience a variety of painting techniques, media, and historical approaches to art. Painting is a problem-solving course dealing with form, color, line, and texture (figurative and abstract). Through the use of the world outside the classroom, models, drawings, photographs, and imagination, students interpret and express the painter's world in a variety of materials including acrylic and water-soluble oil paint, watercolor, ink, paper and canvas as well as a variety of experimental media. This course will provide a foundation in visual arts concepts with an emphasis on: 
• Cultivation of creativity and the art-making process
• Self discovery: developing the student’s individual and unique artistic voice
• The elements of art and principles of design