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STJ Lunch Menu

July 2024
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STJ Cafeteria

The STJ Cafeteria provides a hot lunch for $5.50 each day. There are also other snacks and drinks available in the cafeteria during lunch, and in the courtyard during the morning break. In addition to paying with cash or check daily, students can also set up a pre-paid account to be used at lunch. Morning break items are cash only and cannot be charged to the account. Please keep money in your student’s account, as there will be no charging allowed. 

There are two ways you can set up a lunch account. Send a check or cash to school to fund your student's account, or make an online payment with an e-check. There is an $0.85 convenience fee to pay online. Following are the steps to pay online:

  • Login to your Family Portal account.
  • Click on Family Information at the left.
  • Select Family Billing.
  • Your current balance will show (a negative balance indicates your student has credit remaining).
  • Click the Details link for a closer look at the activity on your account.
  • Click the PayNow link and follow the prompts to issue an e-check payment.