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The Social Studies Department is a core component of the the St. Joseph High School academic program. All students are encouraged to actively learn about history, geography, government and economics so that they will be educated human beings and citizens. Students are encouraged to think across the curriculum by incorporating elements of English, theology, the sciences, and the arts into analysis of historical events and themes from the United States and around the globe.

Faculty Members

Mr. James Duprie
Mr. Bill Pozzi

Mrs. Megan Schott
Ms. Victoria Stawik
Mr. Ted Steinhauser

World Geography
1 Credit ~ 2 Semesters ~ Freshman Level
This course focuses on the relationships between people, places, and environments that result in geographic patterns. Students will learn and apply geographic methods to compare and analyze landforms, climates, and natural resources, as well as cultural, political, economic, and religious characteristics of major world regions. Students will build historical thinking skills by using primary and secondary sources as well as building essential organizational and study skills throughout the course.

World History
1 Credit ~ 2 Semesters ~ Sophomore level

World History is a survey course that focuses on the story of populations and historical themes in cultures across the globe. Students will look at the historical evolution of Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, and South America. Important men and women of these great nations and empires will be explored along with important documents and thematic concepts. Historical skill building and study skills development are important elements of this course in STJ's four-year social studies sequence.

World History Honors

1 Credit - 2 Semesters - Sophomore Level
This sophomore-level class is designed to prepare students for the junior-level, AP US History course. In addition to a focus on geography skills and current event awareness, the course covers content from human pre-history until the start of World War I. Heavy emphasis is placed on writing skills, reading, and discussion both in class and out.

US History
1 Credit ~ 2 Semesters ~ Junior level

US History is a survey course that will begin with Reconstruction and end around the mid 20th Century. Topics to be explored may include U.S. Expansion, the rise of the U.S. as a world power, the Gilded Age, World War I, the Roaring 20s, the Great Depression, the New Deal, World War II, The Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam War. Close document analysis, critical thinking skills, thematic explorations, and college-level study skills are critical elements of this course and the class represents the core of STJ's four-year social studies sequence.

Advanced Placement U.S. History  
1 Credit ~ 2 Semesters ~ Junior level

AP US History is a university-style course that explores 500 years of American History from the Columbian Encounter to approximately 1995. This course is fast-paced, reading intensive, discussion focused, and utilizes a cooperative curriculum with AP English 3 called American Studies. Completing this AP course may, upon passing the College Board's AP US History exam in May, earn a student credit for college classes at universities in Texas and across the country.

United States Government
½ Credit ~ 1 Semester ~ Senior level

Government is a capstone course in which students will explore the U.S. Constitution with the primary focus being on the Congress, the Presidency, and the Judiciary. The course will also address the roles of citizens in America with a special look at civil liberties. Special focus will paid to current events including election results in addition to national, state, and local issues.

½ Credit ~ 1 Semester ~ Senior level

Economics is a capstone course in which students will study the structure and function of the U.S. Economic system and variety of influences upon it. The basic elements include the principles of growth affecting the national economy, basic economic principles, consumer skills, national problems and goals and international economics.

Modern Warfare (Elective)
1 credit ~ 2 Semesters ~ Grades 10-12
This course will survey global conflicts in the last century including World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the War on Terror, and the ongoing conflicts of today.  The course will look at military conflicts, the homefront during these conflicts, and how these conflicts are portrayed in books, television, and movies.

Geography (Elective)
½ credit ~ 1 Semester ~ Grades 11-12
This one semester course is an introduction to the global perspectives, basic concepts and fundamental questions of geography, with a focus on geography, religion, achievements, politics, economics, and social structures.